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This repository is organised as multiple independent Visual Studio solutions. Each solution is self-contained, i.e. it contains all the source code and references to libraries to run the samples. Please note: these are sample applications provided as companion to blog articles, they are not meant to be neither complete applications nor production-ready code snippets.

The source code provided is described in the following articles:


Scaling Applications with Azure Redis and Machine Learning

This article presents design best practices and code examples for implementing the Azure Redis Cache and tuning the performance of ASP.NET MVC applications, optimising cache hit ratio and reducing “miss rate” with smart algorithms processed by Machine Learning.


Sales Effectiveness in Dynamics CRM with Azure IoT and Machine Learning

How can an organisation optimise its sales channels and product targeting by building a 365-degree view of its customers in Dynamics CRM? The answer, and topic of this article, is with the help of Azure IoT and Machine Learning services!


SOLID SharePoint apps with MVC

Practical code examples of MVC applications that connect to a SharePoint Server and comply with the SOLID principles.


Coded UI test automation of MVC applications with Visual Studio

Whether you are a software developer, tester, administrator or analyst, this article can help you master different types of UI testing of an MVC application, by using Visual Studio for creating coded UI test suites that can be automated for continuous execution.


Converting GIS spatial coordinates

Different formats and standards exist for describing geographical coordinates in GIS systems and applications. This article explains how to convert between the most used formats, presenting a working library written in C#.


Disserting about colliding GUIDs and the Big Bang Theory

Can you generate two identical GUIDs? Would the world end if two GUIDs collide? How long does it take to generate a duplicate GUID and would we be still here when the result is found?


Natural String Sorting

Have you ever desired to have in your code a way to order a sequence of strings in the same way as Windows does for files whose name contains a mix of letters and numbers? Natural string sorting is not natively supported in .NET but can be easily implemented by specialising a string comparer and adding a few extensions to the enumerable string collection.


Building an MVC application for SharePoint

Learn how to write code to perform basic operations with the SharePoint 2013 .NET Framework client-side object model (CSOM), and build an ASP.NET MVC application that retrieves information from a SharePoint server.


Adding Social Sharing to a Web Site

Adding a Secured Geo-located Audit Trail

How I built a social sharing component for my own web site and added a secured geo-located audit trail. Step by step, let’s analyse technologies and source code for developing this component.


A flexible Default Value for your DateTime properties

When creating an MVC application with Entity Framework, it is possible to set default values for most properties in a model using the DefaultValue attribute. However, no much flexibility is offered for a DateTime property. This article presents a custom validation attribute for DateTime types that accepts different formats for defining the default value of the property.


We don’t need no Yoda’s syntax

There is an urban myth in the programmers’ community that the so called “Yoda’s syntax” performs better when checking an object for nullity. Let’s demystify it...

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